Friday, November 17, 2017

Meadow {Finished Quilt}

Finishes make me SO happy!

The last little bit of quilting on my Meadow Quilt involved more meanders and loops in each corner.

I pulled four different binding fabrics -- I didn't have enough of any of my original fabrics left to use for binding, and I decided against using the blue floral backing. I narrowed it to two -- magenta and emerald -- and finally settled on magenta!

I decided to hand bind this one -- mainly because it was good timing to sit and stitch on a binding while watching TV! I am so pleased with how this quilt came together!

This is the perfect throw size - 60 inches square. I love all of the quilting textures in this quilt and am so happy with the way the different prints coordinate and contrast with one another.

While there isn't actually much white in the quilt top, I think the white background of the binding print is a good contrasting element without being too different. The magenta color is the same as the magenta print fabric and the magenta in some of the pansies.

The binding looks especially good with the backing! I honestly just picked this backing because I loved the print (and I love a large scale print for a backing any day of the week!) and it was on super duper sale. I also am happy with the large chunks of this print that I have left over. :)

The navy print also shows off the white thread that I used so well! The white thread blends with the fabrics on the front for lovely texture, but I like being able to see the white wiggles, loops, and curls on the navy backing.

It was SUCH a nice break from projects with deadlines and projects for others and to do something just for me! Now back to reality!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Meadow Mystery Quilt by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs
Size: 60 inches square
Quilting: Custom FMQ with curls, loops, and wiggles in white thread
Binding: double fold, hand stitched to backing
Fun facts: Everything but the backing came from my stash!
Started: July 2016
Finished: November 2017

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Donuts {Couldn't Resist}

Given that I've accomplished some finishes recently, I allowed my self to start something new! Amanda Jean Nyberg's newest book has a pattern called "Donuts (the size of your head)" which immediately caught my eye. I got this book as a birthday present in June, so I'm impressed I made it all the way to November without starting a project from the book!

Amanda Jean's original quilt is a rainbow, but I decided to use blue, green and teals. I had originally planned for this to be a new leader and ender project, but I've found it easier to get my fabrics out for this project, make a few sets of units, and then put it away until I've added some new scraps to my pile. I'll just have to start a different project for leaders and enders. :)

I've also been strip piecing the "straight" units -- sort of, depending on what kind of scraps I have in a particular color. I've been using the strips longer than 7 inches for the "straight" blocks first, and then making the "diagonal" blocks. Here's a slate blue set of pieces in progress:

Once a section is 6.5 inches wide or more, I cross cut it to 6.5 inches, then rotate the block 90 degrees and trim to 6.5 inches square.

I usually have part of my strip set left over -- but usually not the full width -- so I will use that as the starting piece of a new block. Here are my three other slate blocks:

For the diagonal blocks, I use my 6.5 inch square ruler to approximate what strips are good fits for the angled parts of the block and continue adding until my ruler is covered with a significant overhang. These get trimmed to 7 inches because they'll eventually become the HST portions of the blocks.

With the rings being interconnected, my plan is to make all 18 sets of blocks before doing any sort of assembly. I'm already halfway done with the block sets -- only 9 to go! My next round of block making will need to be a few green blocks.

This project isn't using quite as many small scraps as I had originally hoped given that most of the strips used need to be at least 6.5 inches long, but I am having a lot of fun with the quick results! I'll have enough block sets for a quilt top soon!

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PS. I would really love your input on what kind of quilt along to host next year! There's a post on the Honey, Bunny, and Doll Facebook page!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Meadow {Quilting in Progress}

Despite the fact that this quilt doesn't have a deadline, I used my Friday off work to start the quilting on my Meadow Mystery quilt because I had already cut the batting for it and already knew how I wanted to quilt it!

I started at the center and was quickly able to complete the first block with meanders in the pink background and loops in the pansy print. 

Next came the four blocks with magenta piecing -- more loops in the pansy prints, curls in the dark teal, and squiggles in the magenta/background sections.

In moving from one section to the next, I was able to quilt a significant portion of the background section between the center piecing and the "diamond" of pansy print around the center blocks. This meant a lot fewer necessary thread breaks which is always good! I did the entire loop of green triangles with one pass! The next set of dark teal fabrics also has loops, curls, and wiggles in the pink diamonds.

The best part? The hardest part of the quilting is done! I always struggle with the center of a quilt, and now that it is done, it's easier to move the quilt and I have less fear of puckers, tucks, and pleats in my backing! Once I got done with the outer section of teal blocks, I went ahead and trimmed the quilt to eliminate some of the batting and backing bulk -- I trimmed it larger than I do when ready to bind, but enough to eliminate a lot of the excess bulk.

Oh, and check out this beautiful backing fabric!

Looking forward to sharing this finish later this week!

PS. I would really love your input on what kind of quilt along to host next year! There's a post on the Honey, Bunny, and Doll Facebook page!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Periodically {Two Periodic Table Quilts}

If you've been around Little Bunny Quilts for a long while, you might remember that I started this blog while I was in graduate school studying chemistry. This year, my two best friends from undergrad both started teaching chemistry at the college level and I have been secretly working on something special for each of them!

I had actually made a periodic table wall hanging in 2014 for my old adviser so it was easy to repeat the process! I even kept nearly all of the color assignments the same, with the exception of swapping out the black background for white backgrounds in my new versions.

Within each wall hanging, there are no fabric repeats! Each wall hanging has all of the same fabrics, but just laid out differently. I was able to pull all of the squares from gigantic box of 2" squares that I "borrowed" from my mom. 

These two wall hangings are slightly shorter than the original, but I did the same free motion quilting in these -- cursive lettering of all of the chemical symbols for the elements! In the background of each, I did a simple meander.

The backing, binding, and hanging pocket of each quilt came from my box of "large scraps" -- usually the ends of yardage left over from projects. I pieced the battings too -- these were truly scrappy projects!

The first quilt backing is pieced with a large navy and green stripe print and a section of green left from my Christmas Twirls quilt. The second quilt backing is pieced with three different fabrics - a black leaf print, a magenta dot, and the white stripe print leftover from the backing of the Clover Sunshine quilt.

I used the same green floral print for both pockets. I used some of the leftover backing fabric from my Favorite Frames quilt for the binding for the first quilt.

For the second quilt, I used burgundy dot print (also used in one of my Firecracker quilts) for the binding.

These are in the mail to my friends and I can't wait for them to get them!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Faceted Friendship Star {FREE Pattern Available!}

Hooray! The pattern for the Faceted Friendship Star quilt is now available on Craftsy FOR FREE!

A fun thing about the Faceted Friendship Star and Faceted Churn Dash patterns is that the borders are interchangeable! Both patterns are perfect for using up "waste triangles" from stitch and flip units too!

These patterns will be free for a short while longer, so download your copies today and don't forget to tag us if you make anything with our patterns!